Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance for Shipping Dangerous Goods

Shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials has regulatory liability. As the shipper or forwarder, you are required by law to package and document the shipment according to rigorous standards. Penalties for non-compliance are costly and carry serious legal and business consequences. For example, a pallet that is shipped without the right export stamp will be shipped back at your expense, potentially amounting to multiple thousands of dollars in fines, added shipping expenses, and delayed delivery.

As a dangerous goods specialist for more than 30 years, Protection Industries has the regulatory knowledge and expertise to ensure your shipments are 100% compliant so you can avoid the costs associated with:

We Know the Code So You Don't Have To

Represented by distinct governing bodies, each mode of transportation - air, ocean and ground - has different requirements. And all modes are not equal. Air, for example, is the most stringent. Protection Industries is up-to-date with the thousands of pages of ever-changing code so that you don't have to be. We will accurately evaluate the packaging and documentation needs for your product and identify any specific challenges you may face for the mode of transportation you desire.

Durable, Insurable Compliant Packaging

Designing an insurable, safe packaging, we select a style that is right for what you need to accomplish. Your products will be properly packaged in a durable wood crate that is made with export-compliant wood and stamped with the required ISPM-15 certified materials stamp. Able to withstand stress and the rigors of multiple handlers, our wood crates are built to milspec and compliant with the stringent standards of the Marine Underwriters Insurance.


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